Cells at Work! Baby, Volume 2

Babies may look cute on the outside, but inside is a construction site. The blueprint? A human life! With the crucible of birth behind them, the baby’s cells have no time to lose tackling the challenges of life outside the womb. When you’re just a few pounds, a bump to the head causes panic, a vaccination is a mysterious invasion, and a mild cold can seem like a five-alarm fire! White Blood Cell has no shortage of enemies to fight, and Red Blood Cell will have to toughen up quick…a growing body is no place for crybabies!

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THE STRUGGLES ARE REAL A lot has happened since the baby’s left the womb, but things are only just starting to ramp up! Where does this oxygen delivery go? What’s...

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NOT KIDDING AROUND In the same way that a baby eagerly learns how to crawl, the cells in a baby’s body work just as hard! Food allergies, summer colds… When things are...