Cells NOT at Work!, Volume 2

Will these Erythroblasts undergo enucleation and become Red Blood Cells? Or will they be culled at the discretion of the Macrophages … ? What will become of those who do not work?! Also: featured at the end of this volume is a manga which reports on what happens at the anime production studios in charge of Cells at Work!

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The erythroblasts’s siblings and White Blood Cells that resemble them take the stage! The reason for this is that everyone around these trouble making erythroblasts, who won’t go to work,...

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Most Recent Volume: Cells NOT at Work!, Volume 4

871, a social immature erythroblast who comes up with excuses for not working, is saved from being attacked by a Streptococcus Aureus bacterium by a younger erythroblast but is injured...