Chihayafuru, Volume 22

The time has come for the top challengers who made their way through the East and West Japan preliminaries to face one another and decide who will play in the Master and Queen Matches. Representing West Japan is Megumu Ousaka, showing her tenacity by making it to this deciding match two years in a row, and Arata, who navigated his way through his match with Murao, another member of his club. Facing them from East Japan are former Queen Haruka Inokuma and Harada, a veteran player. These four powerhouses have now come together to play a best-of-three match. It's time for never-before-seen battles to begin between these players who strive to make it to the distant summit!

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The matches to determine the challengers to the Master and Queen reach their finale. Just everyone is sure of the young prodigy Arata's superiority thanks to his perfect offense and...

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It's now the third-place playoff at Chihaya's final national high school tournament. Everyone is as quiet as can be, their hands clasped in prayer and anticipation as Chihaya quietly focuses...

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