Chihayafuru, Volume 25

The day that asks who is most determined to become Master and Queen is at last coming to its conclusion... But even though Chihaya and the others are only watching the matches, a new twist seems to come into their lives! Fate moves in a major way in this latest volume of Chihayafuru!

cover for Chihayafuru, 26

Next Volume: Chihayafuru, Volume 26

The Master Match with Hisashi Suou's fifth consecutive title on the line has come to a close with Master Suou successfully defending in a hard-fought battle. As all eyes gather...

Most Recent Volume: Chihayafuru, Volume 32

It's now the third-place playoff at Chihaya's final national high school tournament. Everyone is as quiet as can be, their hands clasped in prayer and anticipation as Chihaya quietly focuses...

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