cover for Chihayafuru, 27

Chihayafuru, Volume 27

Taichi faces Arata at the Takamatsunomiya Cup Tournament. Though they both share the rank of Class A, Taichi is overwhelmed by frustration at the difference in level between them that his time and familiarity with the game makes all the more stark. In order to return a smile to his face, Chihaya puts together the ""Taichi Cup,"" an unofficial karuta tournament attended by those who love karuta and who have supported Taichi. A few days later, Taichi happens to be alone with Chihaya in the club room. As the spring breeze comes fluttering in, he opens up to Chihaya about the way he's always felt about her. But this would also be the start of the two embarking on separate paths... Chihaya and the rest of the Mizusawa High Karuta Club have to make it through a spring without Taichi, and the qualifiers for the national tournament are just around the corner!