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Chihayafuru, Volume 28

Chihaya has distanced herself from the karuta club after Taichi's departure, but one day she receives an e-mail from Arata. It tells of his determination, as he's created a karuta team so that he can one day stand toe-to-toe with both Chihaya and Taichi. Spurred into action by this, Chihaya heads to the Tokyo preliminary for the national tournament. However, the Mizusawa Karuta Club is thrown into chaos by rule changes and its uninhibited new members. What kind of trap has been set for Chihaya because of her time away from karuta? It's Chihaya's final summer to fight alongside her friends, and at the preliminaries she vows to make her dreams come true!

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The finals league for the national tournament's Tokyo preliminary. As the teams sit lined up for the final round, Chihaya and the rest of the Mizusawa Karuta Club face off...

Most Recent Volume: Chihayafuru, Volume 33

Chihaya and her friends go to take on the national team tournament. Taichi appears in order to watch their final battle, then leaves behind a promise that he'll move on...

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