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Chihayafuru, Volume 29

The finals league for the national tournament's Tokyo preliminary. As the teams sit lined up for the final round, Chihaya and the rest of the Mizusawa Karuta Club face off against their archrivals, Hokuou Academy. Karuta has brought Hokuou together as a team under Leero's leadership. Will their unity be able to overcome Mizusawa's?!

Meanwhile, Taichi is visiting Master Hisashi Suou. What has Taichi finally come upon while by the side of this genius who seemed to have once left him beaten and battered?
These group matches will teach all involved both what it means to be a team and how exactly their friends feel. Who will be the ones in the end to snatch their tickets to Omi?!

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"Chihaya and the rest of the Mizusawa High Karuta Club earn their spot at the national tournament for the third time, guided to their destiny by the poems to which...

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Chihaya and her friends go to take on the national team tournament. Taichi appears in order to watch their final battle, then leaves behind a promise that he'll move on...

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