Chihayafuru, Volume 31

It's now the semi-finals of the national high school karuta championships. Chihaya and the rest of Mizusawa High's karuta club chase after their dream of back-to-back titles as they face off against Fujisaki, who has sworn to get revenge for their loss a year earlier. However, they fall just short of being blessed by the goddess of victory... They're left with one last opportunity in the form of the third place playoff. One last chance to play karuta, the game they love, together. Appearing before them now in their final team match as high schoolers is Fujisaki East, led by Arata. As each player is matched up, fate leads Chihaya and Arata to face off directly against one another...! Reunited, on it goes. And so will we, I know. Chihaya, Arata, and Taichi are all reunited in Omi!