Chihayafuru, Volume 4

The Mizusawa High Karuta Club fights through heated team matches in their pursuit of a berth in the national tournament, believing in and supporting one another the whole way. Together with her team, Chihaya is able to glimpse Omi Shrine—not in her dreams, but in person at last. What kind of overwhelming emotions could the sight make her feel? Meanwhile, Arata also steps foot on the grounds of Omi Shrine, but he carries a burden that he has yet to share with anyone. Watch as these closest of friends are driven by their passion all the way to Omi Shrine in volume 4 of Chihayafuru!

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Chihaya is forced to swallow her tears at her first national tournament appearance when, of all things, she is forced to withdraw from the team competition. Though disappointed and frustrated,...

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"The third-year students have taken on the individual tournament of their final high school national championship, each carrying their own resolutions in their heart. The final between Queen Shinobu Wakamiya...

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