Chi's Sweet Home 3

Chi makes a new friend, another cat in the neighborhood. This cat is the very cat that the building manager considers to be a nuisance and the same one with a reward on his head. The cat’s name is Kuro, a giant of a feline. All black and with a bit of an appetite, this cat has been known to not only sneak into people’s yards but he has even been bold enough to enter some apartments searching for food. 

Chi’s first encounter with Kuro back in Volume 2 was not a positive one. When the big cat one day walked up to the Yamada’s back door, Chi was startled by its size. Kuro is so big, Chi couldn't even tell it is also a cat! Chi thought it was some new beast altogether. So when Yohei sees the new cat, he immediately panics as he tries to protect his little buddy. Now the two cats are working together to take on the big world outside of the Yamada’s apartment!