Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 5

Chi is completely settled into her new home and it is now time for some real adventures! With so many new furry and feathery comrades around she is bound to have at least a few opportunities to explore this new world of hers … Or so she thought. Instead Chi might end up becoming more of a housecat than ever before. Despite living in a pet-friendly building, Chi still has not had too many chances to go outdoors. Instead her fellow feline neighbors come visit her on her turf. Furthermore, these posh and pomp kittens are not really the like that would appreciate a wild romp in the park or dumpster diving in a dark alley. Nope, these cats would much rather lounge and be pampered by doting humans.

That's not the lifestyle Chi was looking forward to in her new digs. So when given the chance, she decides to embark on the outer reaches of her apartment—including the upstairs office and bedroom—before taking off towards the backyard and beyond. Once she has scaled the stairs to find Mr. Yamada's office empty, Chi does what a kitten does best and she completely tears up the place!

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