CITY, Volume 10

Summer is in full swing, and Nagumo is as desperate as ever to make a buck. Makabe’s is closed, so apart from an appearance in Troupe Tekaridake’s latest masterwork, she’s got no source of income—and no choice but to turn to the internet. With Niikura behind the camera, what could go wrong? But Nagumo’s public humiliation leads to some unexpected reunions…

Summer in the CITY doesn’t mean lazy days for everyone, however: Class 2-3’s make-up exam is postponed indefinitely as they devote their energy to a Guinness world record, the Surprising Shogi championship grips fans with its preposterous thrills, and Wako joins forces with Kamaboko Oni to save “Mr. Bummer” from the threat of cancellation.
Need a vacation from normal life? Why not spend summer in the CITY?

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