Clockwork Planet, Volume 6

Everything seems to come to a standstill when an electromagnetic pulse magnetizes the clockwork the planet depends on. Not only the planet, but the automata, too, are knocked out of sync. The powerfully-built AnchoR is able to return to her senses, but RyuZU remains out of commission while Naoto and the crew plan their next step. Meanwhile, Marie’s influence extends far and wide: from the government where a fellow meister gathers information, to the Imperial House, where a princess awaits Marie’s aid. Amid the despair, this makeshift family finds time to have a day out on the town—and with adorable disguises, of course! But can Naoto really keep AnchoR smiling, when he himself is also in danger…?!

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Amid all the conspiracies and plots, the government is forced to come to a stalemate. When threats from mysterious parties and all-powerful weapons seem impossible to overcome, the leader of...

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Naoto, Marie, and the crew are tangled up in the politics of the ruthless, violent city of Shangri-La. But when Second Upsilon gets down to business, they realize what’s more...

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