Crocodile Baron, Volume 3

Let's follow our curious duo—a gentleman crocodile-novelist and a bad-mouthing no-tastebuds rabbit—while they travel around and eat Japanese food such as Tsukemen and fried pond smelts in the latest volume of Crocodile Baron! Guest characters include a super rich and beautiful rabbit girl, a grandma turtle instagrammer, and a cobra curry restaurant owner who show up to add their own wild and funny personalities to a tasty tale. And what is the cobalt-blue-colored secret that awaits the duo when they arrive at a southern island paradise as they search for the common people's gourmet food ... ? An extraordinary gourmet manga that makes you want to invite someone out for a meal when you read it! See what happens to Alfardo and Rabbit Boy as this gastronomic tale unexpectedly comes to its delicious and fun finale!