DAYS, Volume 14

It was a stormy night when Tsukushi Tsukamoto, a boy without a shred of soccer aptitude or skill, met Jin Kazama, a lone-wolf soccer prodigy. If not for that storm, they would never have crossed paths. That was the night Jin realized Tsukushi had tremendous potential that no one else, not even Tsukushi himself, could see...and the night this whirlwind story of excitement, emotion, miracles, and high school soccer began! Aiming to keep Seiseki sharp for the All Japan, head coach Nakazawa has the first- and second-year students square off against the third-years in an intramural game. Mizuki takes on Kimishita and Oshiba, and Usui takes on Tsukushi. Seiseki's no-holds-barred scrim against their own teammates brings about dramatic, lasting changes! And not a moment too soon, because December 30th, the first day of the All Japan High School Soccer Tournament, is drawing closer...and with it, the beginning of a fateful winter for the Seiseki High School Soccer Club!

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They met on a stormy night: Tsukushi Tsukamoto, a talentless rookie whose passion is greater than anyone else knows, and Jin Kazama, a lone wolf and a soccer prodigy. If...

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