DAYS, Volume 21

Seiseki advances to round three of the All-Japan High School Soccer Tournament, where they face off against Ryozan, the team that's favored to win it all. Seiseki puts on the pressure right out the gate, with superb teamwork from Kimishita and Oshiba and an acrobatic volley shot from Mizuki, but Ryozan fires back with their own secret weapon: Ikariya, the boy who's said to have the left foot of God. They take the fight to the midfield, and neither side's giving an inch. They're just getting started, in fact!

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Ryozan and Seiseki are squaring off at the All-Japan High School Soccer Tournament...and, with sympathy for his friend Tsukushi burning a hole in his heart, Kazama leads the way for...

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They promised themselves they wouldn't falter...and now, after giving up three crushing early goals to Ryozan Academy in the second round of the All-Japan High School Soccer Tournament, Seiseki find...

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