DAYS, Volume 29

"This skill eclipses them all." Aggressive Seiseki faces their polar opposite for the quarterfinal match: the iron-clad defensive team of Otowa High, captained by none other than the greatest goalkeeper of his generation, Sunayama. They make no headway as he blocks one shot after another, but just as the tides are about to turn against them, a miracle occurs: Seiseki is awarded a direct free kick, and who steps up to handle it than the King of Free Kicks, Kimishita! Can he break out of his slump and prove himself worthy of his title?

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"What makes an Ace?" The quarterfinals continue with Sakuragi High against Seikan Academy, and whoever comes out on top will have to face Seiseki in the semis. But barely minutes into...

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"This is what our Sakuragi High Soccer Club does." With one more goal needed to the the game, Sakuragi begins the second half with a substitution, bringing in their ace striker,...

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