cover for Defying Kurosaki-kun, 17

Defying Kurosaki-kun, Volume 17

With exams safely behind them, Yu, Kurosaki-kun, and their friends are off on the class trip to Canada! On the plane, at Niagara Falls, a night out in Toronto… Kurosaki-kun’s devilish teasing has gone global! When they meet his older brother Sakura’s girlfriend, though, Yu can’t help but notice how gentle her normally gruff boyfriend acts toward her. He might be having fun with this, but Yu’s not about to let her man fall for any other woman!

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“I love you.” Yu is caught by surprise when Kurosaki-kun says those three magic words on a night out in Toronto. She’s so happy she thinks she must be dreaming…...

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For Kurosaki-kun, Canada is more than just a fun class trip. The experience has inspired him not only to make some big plans for his future, but to waste no...

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