Dolly Kill Kill, Volume 5

The "Rebel Dolly," whose emotions have started to emerge, has been subdued by the strongest Dolly, a Plushie, and the situation has become a three-way state of chaos. On the other hand, rumors that "the dead shall be revived" has spread among mankind. Both T&E along with Namekata and the Phantasma users have begun to move out to check the truth of it. This is volume 5 of the "Dolly Show,"the survival battle with enemies and allies all jumbled together!!

Next Volume: Dolly Kill Kill, Volume 6

Namekata and the other Phantasma users who set out for Gullvieg have officially started their battle with the other Phantasma users and they're aiming to defeat the unforgiveable "evil" there!!...

Most Recent Volume: Dolly Kill Kill, Volume 11

Sekka Kamuragi, a "disaster" who can repeatedly regenerate and wields an overwhelming rage. These are the humans who stand against him even while repeatedly facing loss and despair. Iruma, Kyujin,...

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