Dolly Kill Kill, Volume 8

This is the "Gullveig edition" where there's a huge brawl...!! The confrontation with the Phantasma users sent by the supreme commander of the Dolly Army, Sekka Kamuragi, is about to be settled!! After being separated from his friends, the one who appears before Nakata is the pro mixed martial artist and Phantasma user, Kamuro!! And for him, he has a deeply connected fate with Namekata… In this fierce battle, Namekata’s past is finally revealed! Iruma, Namekata, Vanilla, and Sekka Kamuragi… This is the 8th volume of the survival battle "puppet show" where they burn each other alive!!

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A huge clash between the “strongest Dolly," the Plushie vs. the “worst human" Iruma!!! The time allotted is only 1 minute!!! Iruma fights with his unleashed "power of disaster," but...

Most Recent Volume: Dolly Kill Kill, Volume 11

Sekka Kamuragi, a "disaster" who can repeatedly regenerate and wields an overwhelming rage. These are the humans who stand against him even while repeatedly facing loss and despair. Iruma, Kyujin,...

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