Domestic Girlfriend, Volume 3

Heartbroken after being rejected by Hina, Natsuo finds himself at the home of Momo Kashiwabara. In order to forget about Hina, Natsuo has decided to go out with Momo. As soon as they get inside, Momo pounces on Natsuo ... Could this be the start of a new love for Natsuo?!

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"What do you think of girls like me, Fujii-kun ... ?" Miu's sudden question blindsides Natsuo. Meanwhile, Hina is shaken to the core when she finds out her ex, Shuu,...

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The scandalous love story from "Good Ending" author Kei Sasuga! Natsuo just found out he's got two new family members... Rui, the girl who took his virginity, and Hina, the...

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