Dr. Ramune -Mysterious Disease Specialist-, Volume 1

From a girl who cries condiments to a philanderer who finds a chikuwa in his pants where something else should be...Dr. Ramune can cure them all, but his treatments come at a cost, and not one that can be paid in money. Follow Dr. Ramune and his wacky patients in stories too unbelievable to be treated by anyone but the Mysterious Disease Specialist!

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Feet transformed into geta sandals… Ears turned into gyoza dumplings… patients under emotional stress can attract parasitic spirits that cause all sorts of strange symptoms! What treatment methods will mysterious...

cover for Dr. Ramune -Mysterious Disease Specialist-, 5

Most Recent Volume: Dr. Ramune -Mysterious Disease Specialist-, Volume 5

Do you have mayonnaise coming out of your eyes? Has your penis transformed into a chikuwa? Have your fingers suddenly turned into chili peppers? Then come see Doctor Ramune, mysterious...