Drifting Dragons, Volume 4

Continuing her journey through the skies, the Quin Zaza soon collides with a luxury airliner, leaving her grounded. Needless to say, the crew can barely afford to stay aloft, let alone pay for repairs. Just when it looks like the Quin Zaza might have to close up shop, they hear a rumor about a "shipeater" that's been gobbling up ships left and right ... as well as the generous bounty on its head. Well? What are we waiting for?!

Next Volume: Drifting Dragons, Volume 5

Chasing the handsome bounty on its head, the Quin Zaza tracks down the ferocious ship eater that's been gorging on ships one after another. But when the crew tries to...

Most Recent Volume: Drifting Dragons, Volume 11

Mika and his crewmates of the Quin Zaza have followed their missing companion, Vannie, to her hometown of Arena. As a civil war rages on, Mika and the others learn...

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