Drifting Dragons, Volume 6

Drifting through the skies, the Quin Zaza anchors at one of the world's largest hubs, Harley. There, Mika reunites with an old friend, Cujo. Though they used be draking partners once upon a time, the two bitterly parted ways after a certain incident drove a wedge between them. After a long night of reminiscing, Cujo enlists Mika to help him take down a dragon...the famous "Ol' Harpoon" Cujo failed to finish off three years ago. And so, the old duo take to the skies for one last catch!

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Adrift in search of more profit and tasty morsels, the Quin Zaza touches down in the bustling commercial town of Majuro. There, Mika has a run-in with Captain Kurga, head...

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In a dramatic joint struggle, Mika and Vannie slay the Mistmaker, putting a long overdue end to the civil war between Arena’s royalist faction and the Parliamentary Army! But just...

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