Drifting Dragons, Volume 7

Adrift in search of more profit and tasty morsels, the Quin Zaza touches down in the bustling commercial town of Majuro. There, Mika has a run-in with Captain Kurga, head of the infamous "Slayers". Unlike the Quin Zaza, the Slayers are hired killers who hunt down dragons by any means necessary, no matter how cruel or vicious. Mika and Kurga... When the two men with opposite ideologies come head to head, skies know what'll happen!

Next Volume: Drifting Dragons, Volume 8

During their stay at the bustling trade town of Majuro, the crew of the Quin Zaza catches wind about an elusive dragon dwelling within the Tian Shan Maze whose meat...

Most Recent Volume: Drifting Dragons, Volume 11

Mika and his crewmates of the Quin Zaza have followed their missing companion, Vannie, to her hometown of Arena. As a civil war rages on, Mika and the others learn...

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