Drifting Dragons, Volume 9

In a shocking turn of events, just as the dogfight between the Quin Zaza and the Plana Grava is nearly decided, the very same dragon that once felled the previous iteration of the Quin Zaza descends upon the valley with tempestuous fury, devastating everything in its path. In the wake of the storm, the crew sends out an S.O.S. to the only man who can help: a certain trade tycoon with a penchant for rare dragons. Meanwhile, Vanny's mysterious past is revealed at last!

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In an effort to rebuild their wrecked ship, the crew of the Quin Zaza beseech the aid of Brno, heir to a major trading company, and his fiancée, Liriope. In...

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In a dramatic joint struggle, Mika and Vannie slay the Mistmaker, putting a long overdue end to the civil war between Arena’s royalist faction and the Parliamentary Army! But just...

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