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EDENS ZERO, Volume 13

HOTTER UNDER THE WATER After their disastrous encounter with the bizarro Demon King Ziggy, Shiki and his friends set out on a journey into outer space, beyond the Sakura Cosmos. Their ?rst stop is in the Aoi Cosmos, on a planet largely covered in water. Under the vast ocean, they ?nd a temple housing a critical clue to ?nding the matriarch of the cosmos, Mother! But in order to obtain the clue, Shiki must overcome a ?ery obstacle that requires enlisting the tearful aid of an unexpected ally.

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A JUMBLED RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE A visit from Ziggy has somehow managed to make the robots on Foresta go haywire and rise up against all humans. Shiki and his...

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HEAVY LOSSChaotic violence rages in the Aoi Cosmos as the All-Link system nears activation. Shiki confronts Shura with uncharacteristic fury. Meanwhile, Ziggy and Nero begin fighting, neither of them believing...

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