Elegant Yokai Apartment Life, Volume 16

His magical cover blown, Yushi steels himself to tell Chiaki-sensei about the grimoire. Vulnerable and braced for contempt, what the tender teen hears instead is a series of surprising anecdotes … In other news, preparations for the cultural festival are underway, and Tashiro and Co. have big plans for Chiaki-sensei regarding their class' booth. Everyone's amped up to make this last school festival the best one yet. That is, until some unexpected trouble stirs in class ...

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Someone's talking trash on the school forum?! As the cultural festival prep ramps up, so too does the bashing. In an unexpected turn of events, Yushi catches the suspected troll...

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Hase thinks he knows how to defeat his grandfather Kyozo, but it's a risky bet—one that could threaten his own life! Hearing his friend out, Yushi begins to make certain...

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