Elegant Yokai Apartment Life, Volume 20

As Keiji discusses the life of Kyozo Hase, the topic comes to his own relationship with the man. Filled with doubt about his family’s position, Keiji set off to Tokyo to make a success of himself—just as Kyozo grew old and his family fortunes faltered. As the emotions behind their frayed relations are unveiled, a surprising truth is revealed! What is the solution left for Yushi and Hase to carry out?!

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Hase thinks he knows how to defeat his grandfather Kyozo, but it's a risky bet—one that could threaten his own life! Hearing his friend out, Yushi begins to make certain...

cover for Elegant Yokai Apartment Life, 23

Most Recent Volume: Elegant Yokai Apartment Life, Volume 23

Yushi departs on a journey around the world with the Bookseller, Hase and Chiaki seeing him off at the airport. Then, time passes...and as it does, Yushi, Chiaki, and the...

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