Elegant Yokai Apartment Life, Volume 4

Yushi keeps plugging away at his mage training, while Hase gets used to the apartment’s quirkiness after becoming a frequent visitor. But then one day, a surprising guest shows up who leaves Yushi with a deeper understanding of the world and how just how big it is. Around the same time, he hears a rumor about a ghost haunting the school. Could fate be pulling him deeper into the occult? Is it finally time to show the fruits of Yushi’s training?!

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With Tashiro’s help, Yushi manages to get to the bottom of Mihara’s past, including the trauma he experienced back when he just started teaching. But what can he do now?...

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People living with ghosts and ghouls?! That's normal life for Yushi Inaba, who moved into an apartment building full of kindly neighbors...plus some real weirdos! For a small room, a...

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