Even Given the Worthless "Appraiser" Class, I'm Actually the Strongest, Volume 5

In a fantasy world where "jobs" are god-given from birth, heroes are born, not made...and Ein's job of "Appraiser" has put him about as far from the "hero" pedestal as possible. Used, abused, and eventually abandoned by his fellow adventurers, Ein decides it just isn't worth going on... Lucky for Ein, though, the end may just be the beginning...and a new lease on life. Turns out, his "worthless" job may just be the key to becoming a hero after all... Ein returns to the monster-infested Rayshik Domain in an attempt to help the villagers suffering there. But it's not just the monsters causing problems...and the feudal lord Nigun has some dark secrets! Can Ein save the villagers and their fallen ruler from the forces of darkness?!