Farewell, My Dear Cramer, Volume 5

In the first round of the Saitama Prefecture Inter-High tournament, Nozomi Onda is finally demonstrating her talent and closing in on the opponents' goal! But moments later, the ball is stolen by Urawa's Alice Adatara only to have Adatara score a goal. Down by a goal with very little time left, can the Warabis find someone with the consistent skills to tie the game back up?!

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The spirits of the girls of Warabi Seinan's girls' soccer team are far from broken, even after the loss against Urawa Hosei. They've even begun practice again. As a team...

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The result of a fierce final match was a Warabi loss to Korenkan. But the girls have little time for tears as they're whisked away for a training camp in...

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