Flying Witch, Volume 8

Makoto and her family journey to the peaceful region of Shimokita, where a mysterious figure called “Enigumo” can supposedly help Makoto find out which element she can control. The cousins chow down on sea urchin and have fun at the beach, completely unaware that her element might defy all expectations … Join the gang on this mystical—and surprisingly explosive—adventure!

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Summertime Magic Makoto and her companions experience summer celebrations of all sorts, from the spectacular lantern floats of Aomori’s most famous festival to an otherworldly procession dedicated to exotic beasts. Along...

cover for Flying Witch, 10

Most Recent Volume: Flying Witch, Volume 10

Summer Showers and Sourpusses As summer continues, Makoto takes a trip back home to Kanagawa. However, her time there won’t be all fun and games. She and her friends have to...

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