Forest of Piano, Volume 6

Now sixteen years old, Kai has resolved to devote all his time and energy to improving himself as both a pianist and a person. Meanwhile, after having his perspective toward piano blown wide open by Kai, budding genius Shuhei Amamiya finds himself lost, unable to find a style to call his own. When the two reunite, the tale of friendship, rivalry, and piano recommences!

Next Volume: Forest of Piano, Volume 7

Now sixteen, Kai has met a woman he can truly say he loves. Unsurprisingly, it was the piano that brought them together. Though still young and naive, Kai's feelings take...

Most Recent Volume: Forest of Piano, Volume 10

Now seventeen, Kai and Amamiya travel to Poland to take on the International Chopin Piano Competition. Amamiya hits the first-round stage, dazzling the audience a performance of unparalelled precision. And...

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