Forest of Piano, Volume 8

Now sixteen and under the guidance of Ajino, Kai's life has become completely immersed in piano. One of the many people still chasing Kai's phantom after all these years is none other than Takako Maruyama. With the tendonitis in her left hand worsening by the day, Takako finds herself at a loss as to whether she should keep up her search, or take a hiatus from piano in order to seek treatment. And in her hour of need, Kai's piano re-enters her life and shines light on her path!

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Now seventeen, with letters of recommendation from two genius pianists in hand, Kai heads to Warsaw to take on the prestigious International Chopin Piano Competition! There, he reunites with Shuhei,...

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Now seventeen, Kai and Amamiya travel to Poland to take on the International Chopin Piano Competition. Amamiya hits the first-round stage, dazzling the audience a performance of unparalelled precision. And...

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