Gang King 2

Jimmy (A.K.A. Katsuya Onishi) is a first year at Bara Cross High School's technical track. When he was young, he was saved by a legendary tattoo artist known as "Katsushin." Ever since then, he's become captivated by the art of tattooing, even going as far as to tattoo his body all by himself! His dream is to move to America and pursue his savior in order to study from under him and become the world's number one tattoo artist.

Jimmy has a strong sense of justice, which leads him to always stick his nose in anything that doesn't feel right. Whether the do-badder is a friend or an enemy, his moral compass doesn't discriminate. This trait won him the love of one particular girl, which in turn causes an uproar in Jimmy's circle of friends. That isn't the end of his troubles, however; as Jimmy also becomes acquainted with an honor student from the general track with a peculiarly large build. Sparks fly as they bump into each other in a situation that neither of them expected!