Gang King, Volume 3

Jimmy (A.K.A. Katsuya Onishi) is a first year at Bara Cross High School’s technical track. When he was young, he was saved by a legendary tattoo artist known as “Katsushin.” Ever since then, he’s become captivated by the art of tattooing, even going as far as to tattoo his body all by himself! His dream is to move to America and pursue his savior in order to study from under him and become the world’s number one tattoo artist.

Pinko, having caught wind of Jimmy’s activities, finally decides to say hello—by giving Jimmy and his gang a declaration of war! Accompanied by his best friend Banko, Bara High’s second-year top dog Zombie, Ex-Kyoten Dochi Ninth Boss Candy, and the gutsy Psyko, Jimmy finally comes head-to-head against Justice, the top gang in the neighborhood. This is the kickoff to what would later become known as the legendary three-round battle between Jimmy and Pinko!