GE: Good Ending, Volume 14

Seiji Utsumi was satisfied with just gazing at his beloved Shou-sempai from afar. But when his classmate, Yuki Kurokawa, finds out about his crush, she pushes him to take action, and his one-sided love starts moving rapidly! During a date, Utsumi and Shou run into Kento, Shou's ex-boyfriend. The two of them leave without talking to him, but later, Kento shows up at Utsumi's school to ask for Shou's contact info. Utsumi refuses, but will that be the end of it...? Meanwhile, Utsumi and Kurokawa are managing to preserve their friendship, but when a new member of the tennis team falls in love with Kurokawa at first sight, the delicate balance starts to get shaken up...!!