GE: Good Ending, Volume 15

Seiji Utsumi was satisfied with just gazing at his beloved Shou-sempai from afar. But when his classmate, Yuki Kurokawa, finds out about his crush, she pushes him to take action, and his one-sided love starts moving rapidly!

Worrying about Kurokawa, Utsumi ignores a call from Shou to go check on Kurokawa in person. To Kurokawa's chagrin, Utsumi has decided he can't just leave her alone. Suddenly, Kurokawa's ex-boyfriend Toru appears in front of both of them. Utsumi tries to protect Kurokawa as she stands frozen in fear, but Toru tells them that the events that wounded Kurokawa were all a misunderstanding. The truth of Kurokawa's dark past is finally revealed...

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