GE: Good Ending, Volume 2

Mega-clutz Seiji Utsumi has been satisfied just to watch from afar his beloved "tennis court girl," Shou-sempai. But once his classmate Yuki Kurokawa finds out, Seiji's love begins to progress quickly!! Can this cowardly boy reach the "good ending"?! A bible for success in love for all men who want to understand the feminine spirit!

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Utsumi is heartbroken after his first love, Shou-sempai, found a boyfriend. When he starts a new part-time job, he meets the other new hire, a girl named Risa Onuma. Around...

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Seiji Utsumi was satisfied with just gazing at his beloved Shou-sempai from afar. But when his classmate, Yuki Kurokawa, finds out about his crush, she pushes him to take action,...

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