Genshiken: Second Season, Volume 1

A new academic year means new members for the lovably misfit Genshiken: The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture! Club president Chika Ogiue now has to manage a fresh-faced trio of yaoi fans (one of whom dabbles in cross-dressing), a surly American transfer student with a penchant for obscure anime quotes, and her own rising career as a professional manga artist. Can she actually find time to draw her own vanity project for Comic-Fest?

Next Volume: Genshiken: Second Season, Volume 2

Who has time for schoolwork when Comic-Fest is around the corner? With the deadline for their doujinshi looming, the Genshiken is starting to fray at the seams. And when Angela...

Most Recent Volume: Genshiken: Second Season, Volume 12

After what seemed like an eternity of indecision, Madarame finally reveals his solution to his harem problem, and it’s not what anyone would have imagined. But just when his romantic...

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