Genshiken: Second Season, Volume 5

Hato's past drove him to crossdressing, Yajima's got a complex about her looks, and no matter what happens, no one seems to be able to tell what's going on in Yoshitake's head. Still, this newbie trio has finally made themselves at home in the Genshiken. Which makes it a perfect time for a visit by the old boys of the club, in town for the school festival! But when generations collide, Madarame ends up alone in the club room with Saki, with his back against the wall. Everyone expects him to confess his feelings, but what will come out of his mouth at this pivotal moment?

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Realizing he can no longer control his feelings towards Madarame, Hato decides to give up crossdressing and BL, cold turkey! As the other Genshiken members watch over Hato with anxiety,...

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At the End of Eternity -- After what seemed like an eternity of indecision, Madarame finally reveals his solution to his harem problem, and it’s not what anyone would have...

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