Genshiken: Second Season, Volume 7

Welcome to the world of Genshiken, home of the true otaku the Japanese term for ubergeek. This is the story of a group of friends who are all members of the most hardcore anime and manga club in Tokyo and the boys and girls who love them. This sequel series to the original Genshiken introduces a wide range of female characters, updating the series to correspond to the ever changing demographics of manga and anime fandom.

Next Volume: Genshiken: Second Season, Volume 8

In the middle of February comes the dreaded Valentine’s Day—a milestone for sweethearts, but a house of horrors for every introverted otaku. However, with so much love in the air...

Most Recent Volume: Genshiken: Second Season, Volume 12

After what seemed like an eternity of indecision, Madarame finally reveals his solution to his harem problem, and it’s not what anyone would have imagined. But just when his romantic...

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