Giant Killing, Volume 21

Sakura, coach of Montebia Yamagata, is adopting the “Komori System”—and Tatsumi was ready for it. But after an unexpected accident, the tables are turned and ETU are forced to go on the defensive! Something’s got Tatsumi’s preoccupied on the bench…but it isn’t long before he responds, with a couple of exciting new presences on the pitch!

Next Volume: Giant Killing, Volume 22

The game against Monetbia Yamagata is about to wrap up! From start to finish, it's been a battle of wits between Tatsumi and rival manager Sakura. How will it turn...

Most Recent Volume: Giant Killing, Volume 33

Just when things look bleakest for ETU, Natsuki’s super goal brings them to within one. The team’s regaining its momentum, and now Tatsumi’s ready to reach into his bench. It’s...

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