cover for Giant Killing, 25

Giant Killing, Volume 25

Once upon a time, ETU all but collapsed after Tatsumi left to play in England. The United Skulls supporters group has constantly cheered for the team since, ever faithful to its players…but now a frustrated Hata and his group confront the vice-president of the team, airing their grievances. What will happen when Tatsumi, the Skulls’ sworn enemy, enters the fray?!

cover for Giant Killing, 26

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ETU's chugging along, placed sixth in the standings—but Chiba manager Mirkovic's strategy hits them like a brick wall in the first half of their showdown. Even worse, there's signs of...

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ETU ends the first half down, completely unable to shut down the opponent's red-hot striker Pepe. Every player in the locker room struggles to fend off their depression...but as they...

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