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Giant Killing, Volume 28

Tsubaki and Akasaki have been picked for Japan's national U-22 men's team. Between the cryptic message Tatsumi left them with and a whole litany of new teammates at training camp, Tsubaki begins to feel the pressure of representing everything Japan can do on the pitch...but a chance encounter with a former rival in the league helps him see things in a different light. And just in time, too, because the qualifying matches looming ahead will decide whether Team Japan will play in the Olympic Games!

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Something wasn’t right—a small, but fatal seam. The time has come to gauge what needs to be changed… Freed from the intense responsibility of playing for Team Japan in the...

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ETU ends the first half down, completely unable to shut down the opponent's red-hot striker Pepe. Every player in the locker room struggles to fend off their depression...but as they...

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