Giant Killing, Volume 30

ETU is on a worryingly unprecedented three-game losing streak. Tatsumi silently watches on, not making any major moves...but the next day, he assembles the team for a blockbuster announcement. The soccer genius whose ETU success lasted all too short a time is making a shocking attempt at a comeback! Can his legs conjure up miracles again, and if so, how will the team react?

Next Volume: Giant Killing, Volume 31

Change needs to happen at ETU...and that change is now personified by Sugie, the new team captain. Their next match is a rainy fixture at Nagoya Granpalace, a team coached...

Most Recent Volume: Giant Killing, Volume 33

Just when things look bleakest for ETU, Natsuki’s super goal brings them to within one. The team’s regaining its momentum, and now Tatsumi’s ready to reach into his bench. It’s...

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