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Girlfriend, Girlfriend, Volume 4

Milika forcefully steals Naoya's first kiss, leaving Saki and Nagisa absolutely devastated. In order to deepen their bond, Naoya decides to take the two girls out on a vacation date to the hot springs! But for some reason, Nagisa is keeping her distance from the two despite this being a vacation for the three of them! What's more, Saki's friend, Shino, intervenes on their trip, determined to find out if Saki's being two-timed!! What's in store for these three on their much-anticipated date?!

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The hot springs trip is over and Nagisa has grown ever closer to Naoya. Afraid of losing her place, Saki puts on a bunny girl costume to seduce Naoya! Not...

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There's the emerald sea and azure skies...and most importantly, the cute swimsuits! The fun and exciting Okinawa vacation starts!! Nagisa is going to do everything she can to have Naoya...

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