cover for Girlfriend, Girlfriend, 7

Girlfriend, Girlfriend, Volume 7

A mysterious camp set was delivered to Naoya’s home! So since they’ve got it, why not go camping?! But to their surprise, this was all a trap laid out by Milika! She’s ready to do anything to have Naoya’s attention. Now that Naoya knows that Milika will never give up, and she will continue charging her feelings straight at Naoya, what choice does he have left?! This is a Milika-packed volume, all about her strategies to have Naoya for herself!

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Here starts the crucial five months that Naoya will have to endure to turn down Milika for good! With five young man and women living under the same roof, their...

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There's the emerald sea and azure skies...and most importantly, the cute swimsuits! The fun and exciting Okinawa vacation starts!! Nagisa is going to do everything she can to have Naoya...

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