Golden Gold, Volume 9

As the fighting between the Fortune God, Money God, and People God grows fiercer, the Fortune God takes the unexpected step of seeking help from Ruka, and they decide to team up. At the same time, Ruka chooses to report the suspicious offer Machiko received from Soda to the police, distances herself from Oikawa and his newly awakened feelings for her, and breaks off all contact with Machiko.
Meanwhile, the Iwana Family, a former high-class family of Neijima, is forced to live a wretched life as a shadow approaches the father. His daughter, however, is chosen as the vessel for the People God, which leads to her environmental activist group exploding with new members...
With the Ferris Wheel constructed, more plans and visions come into motion as Ruka and the Fortune God proceed with their plan to save Neijima.